Our highly trained technicians paired with our industry leading equipment allows us to provide a safe and long lasting clean on your homes exterior!



Keeping your house clean allows fresh air to flow inside and your home will be free from dust and germs, making the whole environment much more healthy, clean, and stress-free. Even when you clean your house regularly, there always will be fine dust in some hidden places, reducing the indoor air quality. 

Despite the daily cleaning, it is highly recommended to book professional home cleaning services from time to time. The cleaning team will start deep cleaning throughout the area you want to be clean. Professionals will also deal with removing rust, cleaning stains, and more.

Explaining Why House Washing Is Considered Vital

Keeping your house is essential as it is where you rest and spend most of the time. Here, we have listed the primary reasons why it is necessary to hire professional home washing services. 

Washing your Home Effectively Will Give it A New Look

If you want to give your home’s exterior a new look in order to improve its appearance, you have to hire a professional house cleaning service to soft wash your home. It will spruce up the outside of your house and increase its worth. 

Professional and power washing services are definitely advised when the exterior of your house begins to exhibit indications of dirt collection, mold, fungus, mildew, and rust shades. Due to all of these unpleasant aspects, your home begins to appear outdated and dirty. The soft wash provides your home’s exterior a fresh new look.

Protects the Paint from Deterioration

It is not only for having a clean home that you should hire expert cleaners. You can safeguard your house’s paint by washing it on a regular basis. Dirt, dust, filth, mold, and mildew can have a negative impact on the paint on your home’s exterior walls. If your home is enclosed by trees and a portion of it acquires less sunlight, then the paint on the walls will be damaged.

Gets Rid of Mold and Mildew

Mold and mildew growth in your home can lead to the deterioration of walls. Mold and mildew thrive at a quick rate in regions where the weather is often moist. They are a concern in other parts of the country when the weather changes. In order to prevent the development of hazardous mold and mildew, make sure to get your house washed once every six months.

Maintains the Value of your House

Regular house washing helps maintain the look of a home, maintaining your property value compared to when it is dirty. Rather than an outdated and dusty house, you would prefer a clean and new-looking home. 

Here, The Clean Team is experts in making any house look brand new, which improves its worth. 

Explaining Why House Washing Is Considered Vital

Depending on the regularity of the home washing, our team provides two types of house washing services. 

One Time House Washing Services

One-time washing services refer to the employment of cleaning services for a single event. The following are examples of one-time house washing services. 

Moving In and Moving Out Washing

Professional washing firms offer move-in and move-out house cleaning services. The cleaning team will work on both interiors and outside to ensure that the property is thoroughly cleaned. The whole cleaning process improves the appearance and feel of the house. 

Deep Cleaning

Deep cleaning is more thorough than normal washing. The cleaning team will devote time and effort to clean effectively. Cabinets, ceiling fans, appliances, and hard-to-reach areas will all be cleaned. We will get rid of the tough stains and patches on the walls.

Recurring House Washing Services ​

We provide recurring house washing service as some houses are often easily dusty or when your home is located in dust-covered surroundings. Many people also select services based on the need for washing.

1. Weekly washing services

2. Bi-weekly washing services

3. Monthly washing services

Safety Things Our Professional House Washing Team Does To Ensure Soft-washing

Here are safety checks the cleaning team will perform in every client’s house: 

  • Stroll around the house to check for any serious errors 
  • Develop a washing plan and put realistic expectations 
  • Check for any paint damages or other home exterior damages 
  • Pre-rinsing or blanketing the plants and flowers to assure no lose 
  • Combine the cleaners on-site in order to build the precise concentrations. 
  • The cleaning team will use only safe and green cleaning products that do not harm the home’s exterior. 
  • Stroll around the house after the washing to make sure everything is cleaned.
Hand Holding Mobile Phone Home Inspection

Irreversible damage on the face of your home can be a costly mistake

House washing
House washing

Pressure washing is a necessary tool when used properly and on the right surfaces, siding on your house is one of those surfaces pressure washing has no place being! The Clean Team provides peace of mind with our safe and effective cleaning methods. Our soft wash equipment allows us to provide the precise ratios of our cleaning solutions to make your siding sparkle without the need of damaging pressure!

Long Island Power Washing


Soft washing, also known as low-pressure washing is a method where we safely and professionally remove all that dirt, gunk, and growth from your home without damaging your property. The Clean Team can guarantee to return the shine of your home without worry!