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Homeowners go to great lengths to keep their homes looking neat and tidy. Cutting grass, shoveling the path, power washing the porch and exterior, renovating, and more, are just part of the process to a high-quality house. Roof cleaning, on the other hand, is what most homeowners overlook, a house without a roof is no house.

Your roof and drains may be trivial or an attractive factor to keep your house clean and elegant, but it does not make them somehow less important to maintain. It is, in addition, among the most crucial parts of the house to keep clean. Unlike many other house improvements that homeowners may be concerned about, cleaning the rooftop can keep you from getting costly repairs.

4 Factors Why Roof Cleaning Is Essential

Extends The Life Of Your Roofing System

All roofs erode, they have a lifespan, and will get damaged over time from the elements. Rain and snow can cause dampness and microbes to flourish on your roofs. Without action, the deterioration rate of your roof will exponentially increase.

Any good homeowner will understand they need a periodic maintenance of their roofs to extend their life span, while Irresponsible homeowners will more often replace their entire roofs.

Think about it, replacing an entire roof is more expensive than cleaning one!

Insurance Issues

Roofs are an essential part of your house, insurance companies for homeowners may look to attempt to drop coverage or increase costs due to potential damage caused by poorly maintained roofs. Moss growth, pest accumulation, and deterioration of roofs are all red flags during an assessment of your home.

If you want to avoid a rather costly insurance rate or have no issues applying for home insurance, get that roof cleaned and maintained! 

Trust us, you don’t want a bad roof when insurers take a look at your house.

Increased Energy Savings

Have you noticed an increase in your electric bills or the temperature inside the home? Roofs are a vital part of your home insulation. Whether it is the heat or the cold, a quality roof becomes the vanguard that protects you from the elements.

Remember, an exposed roof is no roof at all.

Provides Your Roof A Fresh New Look

Aside from saving potential thousands from replacing a roof with roof cleaning services, an unmaintained roof is also a potential hazard for moss or algae infestation.

Most homeowners forget what their roof once looked like due to the growth of organic matter that’s been there for years. Algae and moss are more often regarded as part of the life span of a roof. Many don’t think it’s restoring the beauty to the roof is possible, but with The Clean Team, it could not only be clean safely but by the recommended no pressure method of the American Roofing Manufacturer Association (ARMA).

before and after of roof

Suggestions For Homeowners On Roof Cleaning

To clean the roofing, you will need the correct weather, the proper cleaning solution, and sophisticated methods. If you do not have the necessary expertise, skill set, or experience, we recommend that you delegate this duty to The Clean Team!